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Our hand-knitted clothing is made from natural fibers. Pure clothing is not only better for children's bodies, it has a much longer lifespan than synthetic clothing when washed properly and ultimately, is better for the environment.

In winter, our signature clothing is made from our signature 100% merino wool, which we source from anti-mulesing farms in Mongolia. Our ultra soft and warm cashmere range, is 100% cashmere sourced in Nepal. This range is naturally crease-free when dried flat, taking out some of the load for parents. All of our merino pieces can be treated with lanolin at home. Doing this will reduce the need to wash the pieces to once a year, bearing in mind that merino wool contains a natural dirt repellant and won't need to be washed nearly half as often as synthetics or blends.

In summer, our GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified cottonpieces are soft, yet full of body and most importantly, breathable! While these pieces require some more care and attention than a cotton-synthetic blend, we believe that their quality is unsurpassable. We warn you though: once little wearers become steadfast fashionistas, they are likely to gravitate towards the feel of this fiber over others.

We are also incredibly excited to be introducing a sewn Basics range from a 55% hemp and 45% cotton blend, brought together in Nepal with amazing quality. The fleeces have a soft, cushion-like feel on the underside, making them really comfortable to wear, and the jerseys have a flat finish on the top side and look very hip! Similar to linen, both the jersey and fleece have the same sharpness, structure and breathability, but without the annoyance of easily creasing. Stay tuned!

AZO-free dyes bring an incredible depth of colour to our yarn and are free from heavy metals, making them safer for dyers and wearers alike.

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